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Lessons Learned From Seth Godin: Part Five

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I am a Brand (But I’m Not)

Law for Writers: Self-Defense in Your Home

Lessons Learned from Seth Godin: Part Four

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Lessons Learned from Seth Godin: Part Three

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Why Life is Like Baseball

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Bad Fortune Cookies: December 2020

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The Wisdom of Bill Withers

Bad Fortune Cookies: November 2020

My Book Review of ‘What’s Yours is Mine’

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Are You REALLY Thinking Outside the Box?

Bad Fortune Cookies: October 2020

My Indie Publishing Story — Part Four

Found in Translation

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Bad Fortune Cookies: September 2020

Audio is Hot (Right Now)

Copyright and Other News (Including a FB Live Event!)

How a Twitter Skeptic Became a Twitter Convert

Bad Fortune Cookies: August 2020

Indie Authors and Ebooks: You Have the Right to Choose

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Bad Fortune Cookies: July 2020

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Bad Fortune Cookies: June 2020

Another Life Update: Show Me the Money

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Bad Fortune Cookies: May 2020

Book Distribution Was Always the Issue

Balancing Act

Bad Fortune Cookies: April 2020

Understanding Print-on-Demand Publishing

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Bad Fortune Cookies: March 2020

Lessons Learned from Seth Godin

The 4-Hour Workweek: A Guide to the Purposeless Life?

Bad Fortune Cookies: February 2020

A Life Update and a Chance to Make a Difference

My Friend is Dying

I Could Start this Next Year, But …

What Are ISBNs and Why Should I Care About Them?

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Join the Team: DMV Dystonia

In Tough Times, Think Marketing 101

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The Latest Hits from The Supremes

My Indie Publishing Story — Part Three

A Trip to Aqaba

Do the Scary Thing!

Little Lies (Or How ‘Weeds’ and ‘The Sopranos’ are Really the Same Show)

Baby, I'm Still Amazed!

Fine. Tell Me It Can't Be Done.

Having the Last Word on Words

Business is Booming (Or at Least it Sucks a Lot Less)

What the Best Mentors Do

Opportunity Knocks (Even When it Knocks You Down)

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Zen and the Art of Spring Cleaning

My Review of 'The Memoirs of Alice Guy Blaché'

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My Indie Publishing Story – Part Two

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Scholarship Ops for Crime Writers!

Four Great Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer

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My Story - Part One

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Why I Love My Job!

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My Book Review of ‘Rest’

The Sunday Paper: Chapter 6

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Who Pays Writers?

What Are Your Questions About Indie Publishing?

The Sunday Paper: Chapter 5

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What Goes Around Comes Around

My Book Review of ‘Great by Choice’

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The Sunday Paper: Chapter 4

April Fool's Day After!

My Dystonia Fundraiser - Revisited

My Book Review of 'No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing'

The Sunday Paper: Part Three

How I Organized My First Fundraiser

What's Your Idea of Success?

The Sunday Paper: Chapter 2

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The Many Times I’ve Almost Died (Part One)

How Email Helped Me Market My Work

Identifying What Indies Need

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I Won't Say It

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Am Writing a Simple Self-Publishing Guide

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