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The Problem with Moving Fast and Breaking Things

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“Sam McRae’s Day Off” (A Short Story)

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Who’s Holding the Bag?

Weekly update for Aug. 3, 2023

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Call Her Marlo: “Something Rotten” — Part Six

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A Video About the Screenwriters Strike

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Call Her Marlo: “Something Rotten” — Part Five

An Actual Update

The Bottom Line(s) from Seth Godin — Part Six

Call Her Marlo: “Something Rotten” — Part Four

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My Screenwriting Journey

Call Her Marlo: “Something Rotten” — Part Three

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Antitrust Law Explained

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Story Structure and Much More!

The Bottom Line(s) from Seth Godin — Part Five

How I adapted a screenplay into a short story

The Legal Roundup!

Overheard Somewhere Else

Making the weird transition from author to screenwriter (with curated links)

Another Sunday with Yours Truly

Don't get your collective undies in a bunch

A gift? For me?

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Not Just Another Sunday

The 77% Threshold

So ... you want your book to be adapted for film?

The Bottom Line(s) from Seth Godin — Part Three

Can We Form a Better Union?

My Sunday Reading for May 28, 2023

“Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey & YOU!”

Copyright issues of note

The Bottom Line(s) from Seth Godin – Part Two - Update

Just because it’s there …

Report on the 48 Hour Film Project

Just when I thought I'd heard it all ...

Overheard somewhere …

The Legal Angle

How Publishing Contracts Work

Thank you for the concept!

Writers on Strike

So ... you wanna be a filmmaker? (Updated)

The Bottom Line(s) from Seth Godin


Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Lists of 10 (And Top 10 Reasons Lists)

Reasons Not to Worry About ChatGPT

Just a Short Story (Updated)

Finally taking those first tentative steps ...

This is Marketing

Signs You’re a Woman of a Certain Age

Before You Jump Into the Screenwriting Trade

It's Like Being Slapped in the Face. Repeatedly.

A Few Things to Know

And a Good Friday to You!

My Book Review of ‘How to Do Nothing’

It’s Me Again

Don’t Let Social Media Run Your Life

Things I Find on the Internet

The Biggest Problem with Self-Publishing

More Reviews and News

My Book Review of ‘Organized Enough’

It’s Almost the End of the Month, So …

How to De-Clutter Your Life

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Quiet on the Set!

I’m Actually a Musician

How to Deal With Distraction — Part Two

Ways to Stay Sane on the Internet

My Sunday Reading on Wednesday

You Can Write Anywhere

Dystonia: Report from the Trenches

How to Deal With Distraction

For serious screenwriters

You Don’t Need a Computer to Write

Not Written by an AI

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How to Make Money Writing Anything

I’ve Made an Actual Profit, But Can I Sustain It?

My Book Review of 'The Executive Chair'

How Creative Sprint Has Helped Me

Another Song Parody

Things I Find on the Internet!

Smile! Aren’t you happy now?

So Glad We Can All Agree on This!

The Many Ways I’ve Almost Died — Part Seven

News You Can Use

My Book Review of 'Build the Damn Thing'

Upcoming Deadlines

The Many Ways I’ve Almost Died — Part Six

My Own Self-Publishing Journey -- Part Four

Yeah, Me Again

The Many Ways I’ve Almost Died — Part Five

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The Many Ways I’ve Almost Died — Part Four

My Book Review of ‘Online Marketing for Busy Authors’

Dear, God, How I Love/Hate the Internet

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My Book Review of 'Online Marketing for Busy Authors'